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Keynes’s Moral Gold Standard? Ask John Cusack »

In his exasperating Huffington Post rant “No Currency Left to Buy the Big Lies,” actor and Obama supporter John Cusack calls for a new social contract, one whose moral “currency” is tied not to the “fear and greed” of the neo-conservatives or the “corporate cannibalism” he associates with the free market. Instead, he seeks…
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Riots after the Election? »

A reader of my “Burn, Baby, Burn: Small Business in the Urban Riots of the 1960s” (The Independent Review) asked whether there might be riots on or after election night? Frankly, I don’t know but here are a few thoughts: Riots have many causes, including celebration of sports victories, annual “rituals” (“devil’s night” in Detroit), anger…
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At Least Pro Wrestling Is Entertaining »

Former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura on the two-party system: In pro wrestling, out in front of the people, we make it look like we all hate each other and want to beat the crap out of each other, and that’s how we get your money, [and get you to] come down…
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