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Say No to Reparations: Remembering Slavery, Forgetting the Classical-Liberal Values that Abolished It
Advocates of reparations for the descendants of African American slaves recently challenged socialist Bernie Sanders to embrace their cause, which he refused to do. A leading advocate of reparations, Atlantic contributor Ta-Nehisi Coates, criticizes Sanders for placing class-based politics before race. Lost in the unending debate over reparations is a key point: group reparations ignore the...
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Rosa Parks Day: The Triumph of Colorblindness and Capitalism
Sixty years ago, Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat for a white man and was arrested for disobeying Montgomery, Alabama’s segregation ordinance. The story is well-known, even today, as we celebrate “Rosa Parks Day” (December 1). Following her arrest, African Americans organized a boycott of the city’s privately-owned bus company. Martin Luther King, Jr. became spokesman for street protests and, ever since, the civil rights movement is remembered as a militant expression of civil disobedience and “taking it to the streets.” Within a year, the city ended desegregation, but not for the reasons you might think. The real heroes behind Rosa Parks were the NAACP lawyers who battered down the walls of institutional racism with the force of the constitution, color-blind law, and capitalist forces that worked against racism—hallmarks of the classic liberal tradition of civil rights.
National Review on Black Maverick
The word is slowly getting out about my book (co-authored by Linda Beito), Black Maverick: T.R.M. Howard’s Fight for Civil Rights and Economic Power. John J. Miller has interviewed us for the National Review: ‘While historians have properly acknowledged the contributions of clergymen and grassroots activists” to the civil-rights movement, write David T. Beito...
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Remembering R.C. Hoiles: Civil Rights Pioneer
Recently, I wrote a column on libertarian publisher R.C. Hoiles for the Freedom Communication newspaper chain, including the Orange County (California) Register. Hoiles founded this chain and fought for liberty in all its many forms, including racial liberty. He is profiled in my forthcoming book Race and Liberty: The Classical Liberal Tradition of Civil...
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