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The Aurora Shootings
The horrendous and calculated, July 20th shootings in Aurora, Colorado, are a great tragedy not just for the victims and their families but for everyone who can clearly see the utter evil of such acts and the helplessness we all feel as a result. However this massacre might have been far less likely for...
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Can Markets Provide Police Services?
While Americans spend a lot of money on private security, we generally associate police services with a local government monopoly. And indeed, government is where the buck stops. One of the conventional rationales for government provision of police services is that the market will under-provide it. After all, if I subscribe to a protection...
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What is The Pursuit of Justice?
After returning home to the United States from a trip abroad, I almost always experience a comforting sense of security. The surroundings look familiar, traffic is relatively sane, and I always know where to find a great burger when I need one. But there is something deeper going on as well. Here in the...
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Guardian Angels for Oakland
With the murder rate in Oakland, Calif., reportedly 3.5 times the national average and violent crime overall 2.31 times the national rate, the citizenry has become increasingly outraged as Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and the city’s political establishment have appeared incapable of even understanding the issue. Similar problems have plagued other major cities as...
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