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Gratitude in an Unfree World
Everyone who knows me knows that I loathe government as it now exists everywhere. But yesterday, as I set out to walk Fly Boy down the road through the jungle as usual, I was struck by what a beautiful day it was, and I determined to count my blessings.
“Liberal” Appeals Court OKs Warrantless GPS Tracking by Feds
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, much ballyhooed as liberal-leaning, is joining the rest of the former so-called “liberal” wing in falling into lockstep behind ever-increasing police powers. The appeals court last week declined a defendant’s request to review drug agents’ sneaking onto his property to affix GPS tracking devices to...
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Property and Plunder, circa 2010
As if to demonstrate the Bastiat thesis in American human terms is this news of a Federal Air Marshal who (allegedly) raped an escort in between looking for terrorists on domestic air flights. After he (allegedly) misrepresented his government position, wielded his government-issued handgun, and raped the working girl, he then took back the...
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Audi’s Super Bowl Ad: “The Green Police”
Audi ran a most insightful and disturbing, yet hilarious, Super Bowl ad on “The Green Police” and the very real meaning, threat, and foolishness of “environmental” statism. Please also see the following Independent Institute books: The New Holy Wars: Economic Religion vs. Environmental Religion in Contemporary America, by Robert H. Nelson Re-Thinking Green: Alternatives...
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Will Cameras Save Us from the Police State?
Practically every day, a new video is circulating on the internet showing severe examples of police misconduct. As the police become increasingly militarized and brazen in their violent attacks—for example, see this story on a Baptism party in a private backyard broken up for excessive noise, ended when cops tasered a grandfather and a...
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Independent Institute Fellow Victim of Chavez’s Abuses
On the evening of May 25, Independent Institute Senior Fellow Alvaro Vargas Llosa was detained for questioning for almost three hours by Venezuelan authorities following his arrival at the Caracas International Airport. Since the officers in charge of his custody forgot to take away his cell phone, he was able to answer a call...
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Senior Fellow Alvaro Vargas Llosa Harassed by Venezuelan Police State
Our very own Alvaro Vargas Llosa, on his way to a conference on democracy and free enterprise in Venezuela, was detained by its authorities for two hours. Thankfully, his call to the media made them back off for now. The Buenos Aires Herald reports that his passport was withheld as he was detained and...
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People Respond to Incentives: Law Enforcement and No-Knock Raids
Radley Balko has gained some notoreity around the blogosphere for documenting rights violations by police departments conducting military-style drug raids under cover of night. Today, he offered one of the best blog post titles ever: “Tearful Atlanta Cops Express Remorse for Shooting 92-Year-Old Kathryn Johnston, Leaving Her to Bleed to Death in Her Own...
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Zimbabwe Faces Starvation
As a result of dictator Robert Mugabe’s policies, the people of Zimbabwe now face starvation. Having destroyed agricultural production in the country by ending private ownership of land and farm-product markets, creating enormous hyperinflation to fund his military/police state (see here, here and here), torturing and killing opposition critics, and banning humanitarian aid (until...
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Militarized State and Local Police
The recent raid of the fundamentalist Mormon home in Texas illustrates the incredible degree to which even local and state police forces have become militarized. In search of a sixteen-year-old female who had reportedly been abused by her 50-year-old husband, police agencies from six counties, the Texas Rangers and the wildlife authorities appeared ready...
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