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Libertarian: What’s in a Label?
John Stossel (who’s leaving ABC to join the Fox Business Network) gave a well-received talk at my university yesterday titled “Freedom and Its Enemies.” Several times during the talk he referred to himself as a libertarian. Sometimes the libertarian label seems like a liability for people who are both (1) serious about substantially reducing...
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Why Does Health Insurance Cost So Much?
In direct contrast to Barack Obama’s nationally televised talk on his government-mandated health care plan, here is John Stossel’s recent, very incisive, special segment on ABC-TV’s 20/20, “Health Care Mystery: What’ll That Cost?”, in which he examines government-created third-party payers and asks why it is so hard to find out what health care actually...
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Legalize All Drugs
John Stossel has a great piece arguing for a full end to drug prohibition, dispensing with some of the more pervasive drug war propaganda. He rips apart some of the myths out there, but I especially appreciate his moral argument that adults have a right to poison themselves: “[A]dults ought to own our own...
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