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Lessons from the Dirty Streets of San Francisco
If you ask most people, the way the government is supposed to work is simple. The people identify a problem they want the government to fix. The government hires and deploys people to fix it, using tax dollars to pay them to get the job done. Problem solved! Except that’s not what happens. More...
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Trump’s Lifting of Ban on Lobbying Raises Questions About “Draining the Swamp”
On his final day in office, President Donald Trump rescinded his executive order blocking executive branch employees from immediately becoming lobbyists to the agencies where they worked in government. When President Trump signed the order back in the first week of his term, he promoted it as a tool to reduce corruption. By keeping...
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SF Official Arrested for Graft Should Have Been Axed Years Ago
Last month, when the FBI arrested San Francisco Department of Public Works boss Mohammed Nuru, many Bay Area residents breathed a sigh of relief. As Susan Dyer Reynolds noted in Marina Times, Nuru’s ascent started in 1991 when he became second in command at the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners (SLUG), a nonprofit...
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Corruption Is Inherent in the Government Education System
Legislatures fight against school choice, maintaining the failing status quo.
Political and Governmental Corruption Is a Feature, Not a Bug
People do not oppose corruption in politics and government. They oppose only the corruption that does not steer loot and social domination to them. After all, the entire process of so-called democratic government is nothing but corruption writ large and backed by the threat of violent force. Political partisans in particular are utterly unprincipled...
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The Pursuit of Justice and Elected vs. Appointed Judges
In my earlier post I outlined the way that economics is applied to analyze incentives in the legal system. The most fruitful area of research in this vein, and arguably the most important one, has focused on the behavior of judges. Unlike consumers and producers in market settings, the relevant incentives for judges’ behavior...
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