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Charles Pena on CNBC, Explaining the Afghanistan Quagmire
Independent Institute Senior Fellow Charles Peña interviewed on CNBC’s Insana Quotient with Ron Insana about the McChrystal fallout and its significance for the Obama administration. Peña further illustrates the quagmire that exists in the U.S mission in Afghanistan and challenges the public to consider the true relevancy behind the changing of command. Does it matter...
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Robert Higgs on Fox News: The Folly of Obama’s Spending Spree
Independent Institute Senior Fellow Robert Higgs is interviewed here by Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News’ program, “Freedom Watch,” regarding the utter folly of the gigantic federal spending programs first started under George W. Bush and now enormously expanded by Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress. Prolonging the recovery amidst enormous economic confusion and...
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Making the Extraordinary Ordinary
Obama loudly denounced Bush’s policy of “extraordinary renditioning,” whereby terror suspects were captured, transferred through secretive CIA sites, and delivered to foreign regimes—ones denounced by Bush et al. for their cruelty, like Syria and Egypt—where they were tortured. Maher Arar is among the highest-profile victims of this policy. A Canadian citizen later deemed totally...
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Calvin and Hobbes on Bailout Subsidies
When President George W. Bush was recently interviewed on CNN regarding the economy, he left us with another “Bushism” that will likely go down in history along with the economy his interventionist policies are destroying, “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free market system.” Bush incoherently believes that corporatism (e.g., the bailouts) and...
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“Saturday Night Live” Lampoons the Bailout
In a recent sketch, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) superbly and hilariously lampoons the $700 billion bailout and the foolishness, deception, and hypocrisy of many of those who support it. However, according to the Los Angeles Times, NBC has since pulled the original version of the segment from the SNL website apparently as a...
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Bailout Will Only Worsen Federally Caused Crisis
On the second try in a week, the $700 billion bailout (“rescue”) bill (“The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008”) was easily stampeded through the House with a vote of 263 to 171, despite public opposition. The measure strongly and eerily resembles the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC), which as Independent Institute Senior Fellow Robert...
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