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MyGovCost’s Government Cost Calculator: Buzz Begins!
T-Minus just a few hours folks. The wait will be over. The site will be up. The Government Cost Calculator will crunch. Outrage will inevitably ensue and hopefully, some spend-hungry political heads in Washington will roll. As the countdown to Tuesday’s launch of the Calculator winds down, Americans are winding up! Check out the...
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Robert Higgs On Freedom Watch: The Stimulus Bill 1 Year On
“Uncle Jay” on Government Spending and Deficits
Children, especially you, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, we will have no more interrupting, bullying or other disruptive behavior! Now boys and girls, are you all paying attention? Here is Emmy Award-winner “Uncle Jay” (Jay Gilbert) to explain your gargantuan, reckless, and predatory government...
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Arnold Should Return to Hollywood
When Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor in 2003, his supporters touted his independence, outsider status, and inspiring life story as the quintessential American dream. His detractors mocked his inexperience, but he indeed stood as a great example of what was possible in America. This immigrant worked tirelessly and rose to the top in the...
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