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Census Inverted: No Representation Without Taxation?
Census forms are due April 12, and soon Census workers will be seen pounding the streets, looking for the unaccounted-for. This year’s promotional campaign by the Census Bureau, urging compliance so that each of us can get our “fair share” of government money, turns the traditional purpose of a census on its head: from...
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Christopher Walken on the “Census Bureau”
Here is a hilarious, prescient, classic skit with Christopher Walken and Tim Meadows from NBC TV’s Saturday Night Live on the “Census Bureau.” The skit originally aired during the previous Census on April 8, 2000. HT: Paul Theroux
Are Americans as Cynical as the Census Bureau Thinks?
The form letter in the mail today from the Census Bureau—which I suppose everyone in the United States has received—urged me to participate in the upcoming census. “Your response is important,” it said, because “Results from the 2010 Census will be used to. . . .” Can the reader guess how the sentence ends?...
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Census Data “Strictly Confidential”?
I saw a huge new billboard in San Francisco the other day—part of the $350 million ad campaign supporting this year’s $14 billion Census—picturing an American Indian in full regalia against a black background, apparently in the process of worshiping the sky, with the stylized text “Tell your story.” If he’s wise, he might...
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