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Dr. Fauci Quarantines Truth, Common Sense, and Accountability
Government COVID Blunders Continue With Monkeypox
The Economy is Under-Regulated and Increasingly So
Congress Is Supersizing the IRS. Here’s Why That’s Bad News for Everyday Americans
The IRS would more than double its workforce under this legislation.
The Fastest Growing Category of Government Spending
Gov. Newsom Revives Delta Tunnel Project
The Biden Administration Says US Not in a Recession, but Federal Statutes Say Otherwise. Who is Right?
The Gray Man, Harvard Elites and State-Sponsored Murder
Well produced action movie saved from a thin plot by an excellent, experienced cast
CBO Identifies the Biggest Fiscal Threat to Americans
How High Can Uncle Sam Afford Interest Rates to Rise?
Newsom Appoints Failed “Energy Czar” to UC Board of Regents
The Black Phone’s Christian Themes
The sleeper hit movie The Black Phone is a well crafted coming of age story within the horror genre
Entry Barriers: A Personal Disappreciation
No Demise for Failed, Wasteful Federal Department of Education
The Return of Carlos Rangel
75% of PPP Wasted
Pandemic Aid for Businesses Squandered
More Crazy, Stupid Wasteful Government Spending
Minneapolis Cop Who Fatally Shot Woman Gets off Light
Will Google Ever Lose its Monopoly?
Substitutes Everywhere
CODA’s Middle American Heart Upends Industry Heavyweights
Did a small movie with a mainstream coming-of-age message humble woke Hollywood?
Prices and Choosing a Target Inflation Rate
SCOTUS, Statutory Delegation and the EPA
Rethinking Regulatory Capture
Independent Institute Scholars Spar Over Abortion Ruling
California Getting First Look at New Law on Police Equipment
An Explanation of AB 481

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