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William J. Watkins, Jr. is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and author of the Independent books, Crossroads for Liberty, Reclaiming the American Revolution, and Patent Trolls.
States’ Rights Resurgence: Greg Abbott and the Constitutional Compact
Immigration Fiasco: Texas Loses SCOTUS Battle but Could Win the War
SCOTUS, Camping Ordinances, and the Eighth Amendment
Constitutional Fidelity vs. Personal Conscience: Sandra Day O’Connor’s Legacy
Divorcing Ourselves From Akhil Reed Amar (Part V)
Divorcing Ourselves From Akhil Reed Amar (Part IV)
Divorcing Ourselves from Akhil Reed Amar (Part III)
Divorcing Ourselves from Akhil Reed Amar (Part II)
Divorcing Ourselves from Akhil Reed Amar (Part I)
Donald Trump and the Fourteenth Amendment
Supreme Court Strikes Down Racial Preferences in College Admissions
Independent Counsel Indicts Trump
Alvin Bragg v. Donald Trump: The North American Banana Republic
The False Narrative of Tyre Nichols’ Death
Unfit for the Bench: Judge Bjelkengren’s Lack of Constitutional Knowledge
SCOTUS, Statutory Delegation and the EPA
Roe Reversed. Abortion Issues Returned to the States?
Big SCOTUS Win for Second Amendment
SCOTUS Overturning Roe v. Wade?
Biden Should Open Negotiations With Russia
Has Putin Miscalculated or Is He Unhinged?
OSHA Vaccine Mandate Stayed at the Supreme Court
Can an OSHA Vaccine Mandate Survive Judicial Review?
SCOTUS Blocks Federal Moratorium on Evictions
Juneteenth: The Latest Effort to Balkanize the U.S.

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