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John C. Goodman is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, President of the Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research, and author of the Independent books Priceless, and A Better Choice.
Why Did Health Spending Slow Down Before It Sped Up?
What Are the Financial Risks of Being Uninsured?
Obamacare’s Cost Is Down 8%, but That May Not Be Good News
Why Is Obamacare a Rube Goldberg Contraption?
Can Obamacare Be Fixed? Part II
Can Obamacare Be Fixed?
A Better Way to Cut Medicare Spending
Zeke Speaks Out on McCain and Health Reform
Why Are So Many Economists Confused About Obamacare’s Effects on Jobs?
False Advertising for Obamacare
FDA Regulations Kill
What Republicans and Democrats Don’t Understand About the Insurance Company “Bailout”
Krugman Plays a Mulligan
Are Young People Better Off Being Uninsured?
How the Left and the Right Talk about Inequality
Coburn II
Is There an Argument—Any Argument—for Community Rating?
In Defense of Inequality
Medicare Advantage
Medicaid Expansion Means More ER Visits
Are We About to Face a Severe Doctor Shortage?
What Paul Krugman Can Learn from Milton Friedman
Who Loses the Most Under Obamacare?
War on the Poor
How Small Business Is Reacting to Obamacare

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