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Commerce, Economic Activity, Obamacare, and the Anti-Federalists
Happy Birthday, Ronald Coase and Thank You for Our Logo!
News Item: Nearly 100 Banks Benefiting from TARP Are on the Brink of Collapse
Obama Seeks “Death Panels” by Regulation
Jurors’ Moral Duty
States Without Income Taxes Gain Representatives
Has the Federal Government O’erleaped Its Constitutional Limits and Grown Too Big?
$2 Trillion Debt Crisis Threatens 100 U.S. Cities Hits the Stands
Christmas Flash Mob Sings “Hallelujah Chorus” at Shopping Mall Food Court
Congress Repeals Ban on Gays in Military
Florida District Judge Hints that Obamacare Is Unconstitutional
The Plundering Class
Mad Dogs and Politicians – But I Repeat Myself
Different Opinions on the Tax Compromise
Virginia Judge Strikes Down Provisions of Health Care Law
Student Riots in Britain: Very Disturbing
C-SPAN to Air Independent Policy Forum: “Economic Religion vs. Environmental Religion in America”
Communism’s Persistent Pull
Edward Lopez with David Theroux on the New Book, The Pursuit of Justice
Senior Fellow Alvaro Vargas Llosa Interviewed at Pepperdine University
Great Depression, Round Two? Senior Fellow Robert Higgs on The Peter Schiff Show Director Emily Skarbek Talks Tax Cuts and the Government Cost Calculator
It’s Pearl Harbor Day—Trot Out the Official Fable
The Proposed New “Tax Deal” is More of the Same Washington Bait and Switch
SCOTUS Agrees to Hear Global Warming Suit
Macroeconomic Booms and Busts: Deja Vu Once Again
Repeal Amendment Causing Waves
Arnold Harberger on the Chicago Boys
The Federal Reserve: Deficit Enabler
There’s “Hope” for Reducing the Federal Debt
WikiLeaks: A Litmus Test That All Too Many Fail
TSA: What Would Rosa Parks Do?
Virginia District Court Upholds Obamacare

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