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Trump’s Executive Orders Won’t Lower Healthcare Prices, but Deregulation Will
Will using the power of the executive branch bring healthcare prices down? Recent events suggest otherwise.
Can Trump Cut the Office of Personnel Management, or Any Federal Agency?
Cutting the OPM would be a good start, so taxpayers should watch carefully how President Trump makes out with that. 
Trump’s Mexican Poodle
A leader of Latin America’s anti-imperialist left turned into Washington’s docile poodle.
Trump’s Trade Policy—A Reductio ad Absurdum
Apart from practical difficulties and impossibilities, a Trumpian trade triumph, even if it could be achieved, would be a horrible objective to attain.
Reducing the U.S. Government’s Regulatory Burden
Federal regulations and restrictions impose a very large cost on Americans.
FDA To Stop Regulating the Amount of Cherries in Frozen Cherry Pie
The FDA recently committed to deregulating the frozen cherry pie market.
Promises, Promises: Financing President Trump’s Wall
President Trump is going back on his campaign promise of making Mexico pay for “the wall”.
A Boom in Small Business Optimism
It’s amazing what good things can happen when the power and greed of bureaucrats and politicians over regular Americans is diminished!
Is Trump Dismantling the Regulatory State?
Whatever his performance on regulations, the president has failed to eliminate any federal agencies, however useless they might be.
How Is President Trump’s Regulatory Rollback Coming Along?
The business of rolling back federal regulations is very much a work in progress.
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