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Get in Touch with Your Inner Survivorman? New FEMA Head Encourages It
The new head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, former Florida firefighter and state disaster coordinator Craig Fugate, says he hopes to steer his organization in a different direction. According to Amanda Ripley’s dispatch in the September issue of The Atlantic, Fugate wants FEMA’s role to be less paternalistic and more modest and collaborative:...
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Police to Track All Vehicles into New York City
The New York City Police Department is now planning on tracking the movements of all vehicles entering Manhattan in a federally funded program designated “Operation Sentinel.” Of course, this massive assault on privacy is being done to track and screen out “terrorism.” And according to the Associated Press: Police say Operation Sentinel would rely...
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Neither Liberty Nor Safety
According to U.S. News and World Report, “U.S. officials have advised visitors to this summer’s Olympics in Beijing that their laptops may be targeted for duplication or bugging by the Chinese” government. But what is even more telling is that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security also claims the same right for Customs agents...
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DHS’s Horrifying Deportation Policy
A dean-list student fears he might be deported back to Sudan and killed for being a Christian. His crime? He was kidnapped as a kid by terrorists, and thus got “training” from a terrorist group. Lino Nakwa’s story so far has been an inspiring American dream, but the Department of Homeland Security threatens to...
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