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Obamacare’s Unintended Consequences: People Buy Short-Term Policies

Obamacare has driven individual health insurance premiums up so high that people are forgoing comprehensive health coverage in favor of short-term policies, according to the Wall Street Journal: Robin Herman, the 34-year-old owner of a marketing firm in San Francisco, bought a short-term policy in December. The monthly cost of her short-term coverage, plus...
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Chicken and Egg in Consumer-Driven Health Care

An advocate of consumer-driven health care will often be challenged by this question: “So, when I am hit by a bus, or have a heart attack or stroke, or am suffering from dementia, you want me to go shopping around for medical care?” Obviously not. Nevertheless, this is a serious challenge and invites the...
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Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Obamacare Death Spiral

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, which represents 36 Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans covering 105 million Americans, has just released a study of its members’ claims data in Obamacare exchanges 2014 and 2015. It confirms that Obamacare exchange enrollees are sicker and more expensive than enrollees in pre-Obamacare individual plans or...
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Trump’s Health Reform Won’t “Make America Great Again”—or Do Anything

I recently wrote a blog entry on one plank in Donald Trump’s health reform plan: imposing foreign prices on medicines sold in the United States. As Mr. Trump is currently the leading Republican presidential candidate, it behooves us to examine his health plan overall. Don’t worry: It won’t take long. Mr. Trump proposes to...
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Ted Cruz and Health Reform

Senator Ted Cruz has won the Iowa Republican caucuses. Over the weekend, Chris Wallace of Fox News challenged Sen. Cruz on his proposal “to sell health insurance across state lines,” citing my argument that federal action to mandate this would be ineffective. The argument in question appeared in an op-ed in The Hill last...
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Peak Obamacare? We’re There

The Obama administration has released a report estimating that enrollment in Obamacare will reach only 9.4 million to 11.4 million at the end of 2016. Back in 2010, when the Affordable Care Act was passed, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that exchange coverage would reach 21 million next year (Table 4). Why the come...
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Love Gov: “Too Real”?

As part of our recent exhibit at the FreedomFest conference, we continuously screened our new online video series Love Gov. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, each of the approximately 5-minute episodes deals with one of the five key issues that the Harvard Institute of Politics, Pew Research, and other...
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A Review of D. Eric Schansberg’s “The Economics of Health Care and Health Insurance”

The notion that everyone must have health insurance to acquire medical care has reached such a level of obsession that it almost deserves its own entry in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the guidebook for mental illness that has grown so bloated with diagnoses that even the National Institute of Mental...
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Private Exchanges: Getting Ready For Individual Health Insurance To Be The Standard

Professor John H. Cochrane of the University of Chicago had an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on December 25, in which he gave a brief description of (among other things) a market in which individuals buy our own health insurance – and not from an Obamacare exchange. According to Professor Cochrane: “...we should...
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HSAs Force Health Providers to Compete

Megan Johnson, a self-employed single mother in Dallas, had severe pains in her side and back, just below the ribs. Her doctor said it was possibly kidney stones, but a CT scan would be necessary to confirm the diagnosis. Megan’s doctor gave her the name of an outpatient radiology department near her home. A...
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