Tag: Global Warming
Which End, if Any, Is Near?
What’s Wrong With This Global Warming Story?
Why a Stock Analyst Saw Through the “Hockey Stick” Hoax
The Green Police Are Here!
The U.N.’s IPCC Tries Damage Control
Senator James Inhofe Wants Criminal Investigation of Al Gore and Other Global Warmists
“There has been no warming since 1995”
Maybe It Should be Renamed the Darwin Peace Prize
Audi’s Super Bowl Ad: “The Green Police”
The Audacity of Obama’s State of the Union
British Science Chief Condemns Climate Alarmists
Brrrrr: Global Warming Science “Settled”?
John Coleman, Founder of the Weather Channel, on the Real Science of Global Warming
Would the World Be Better Without Religion?
Dave Barry’s Review of the Year 2009
Christopher Monckton on Scientific American‘s Defense of Climate Alarmism
The State of Our Affairs: Seven Haiku
Time to Eat the Dog
Is Scandal Inevitable when Scientists Become Activists?
Lord Monckton and Greenpeace Campaigner at U.N. Copenhagen Conference
More on Climategate and the Alarmist Hoax
Are they Nuts? Oh, wait, it is the United Nations!
The “Trick” to “Hide the Decline”
Former Tesla Executive Questions “Green” Corporate Welfare

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