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Georgia On My Mind
I am leaving tomorrow to teach in a week-long economics program for college students in the Republic of Georgia. Georgia was one of the Soviet republics until the Soviet Union dissolved 21 years ago, and the country has made remarkable strides in the two decades since. After a slow start, Georgia instituted major economic...
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Onion News Network Satirizes the Bailouts
The Onion News Network has recently and incisively parodied the utter foolishness of the escalating campaigns for monstrous, federal government bailouts. In The Know: Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole? For the authoritative examination of how federal policies are responsible for directly creating the financial crisis, see the recent Independent...
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The Seeds of Another Cold War?
Russia should not have attacked Georgia, especially Georgia proper, and some of its animosity toward Georgia is clearly not noble. But it is fascinating how the American establishment and media have portrayed this conflict as just another case of Good vs. Evil, with the U.S. ally, Georgia, clearly in the right and Moscow clearly...
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