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National Review on Black Maverick
The word is slowly getting out about my book (co-authored by Linda Beito), Black Maverick: T.R.M. Howard’s Fight for Civil Rights and Economic Power. John J. Miller has interviewed us for the National Review: ‘While historians have properly acknowledged the contributions of clergymen and grassroots activists” to the civil-rights movement, write David T. Beito...
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Only 53 Percent of Americans Prefer Capitalism
We seem to be lurching backward at an ever faster rate. Despite the downfall of Communism, despite the horrors of statism in the twentieth century (most caused by self-described socialists), just over half of the population prefer capitalism over socialism. The level of support among young people is even lower. Only 53% of American...
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Robert Higgs on War, Taxes and Economic Crises
With Barack Obama’s delusional belief in massive expansions in government spending and power as a means to overcome the economic recession and create human welfare, Senior Fellow Robert Higgs‘s discussion on war, taxes and economic crises could not be more timely and instructive. Dr. Higgs is the author of the award-winning Institute book Depression,...
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