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The Bay of Pigs (Howard Jones)
My friend and colleague, Howard Jones, discusses his first-rate book, The Bay of Pigs in a first-rate interview with Scott Horton. He was in good company that day. Other guests on the show were the “other” Scott Horton from Harper’s Magazine and Juan Cole. Those of you who have not listened to Horton’s radio...
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Profiles in Privilege
In his book The Cigar, Barnaby Conrad III writes that before John F. Kennedy signed the trade embargo in 1962 banning Cuban cigars he had his press secretary, Pierre Salinger, get him 1,000 cigars. Once Salinger had secured 1,100, the president said: “Now, that I have enough cigars to last awhile, I can sign...
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Private Taxis in Cuba?
Is there now a light ahead in Cuba after decades of repressive communist rule? With his brother Fidel now on the sidelines, Cuban President Raúl Castro has recently lifted a nine-year-old ban on private taxis, “potentially legalizing thousands of unauthorized cabbies who cruise its cities in classic American cars.” As AP reports, Fidel Castro,...
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