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Balanced Budget Baloney
Are we on the cusp of success for fiscal responsibility? As usual, conservatives describe the battle de jour as the ultimate clash between good and evil. And today, it is the attempt to force Congress to approve a constitutional balanced budget amendment before the debt ceiling is again raised. This is a bunch of...
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A Troubling Disrespect for Religious Toleration
If there is any American principle I have taken for granted since I was a little boy, it is freedom of religion. And indeed, this is one area where the United States comes close to living up to its professed values. Most of the world has state-sanctioned religions and churches. In the United States,...
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Why Isn’t Rick Scott More Popular?
Rick Scott, who was elected as Florida’s governor last November, campaigned on a platform of fiscal conservatism. He wanted to cut taxes, cut government spending, and cut regulation to make Florida more business-friendly. He said his platform would create 700,000 jobs in seven years, and his campaign slogan was, “Let’s Get To Work!” Scott...
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Hayek to the Rescue in Tuscaloosa (My Wall Street Journal Article)
My article on Talk Radio as an example of spontaneous order in tornado relief just appeared in The Wall Street Journal. Here is an excerpt: The tornado that tore through here late last month left 41 dead and 12 still missing. Whole neighborhoods now resemble bombed-out postwar Tokyo or Berlin. But this devastation is...
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Libertarian Defends Professor Cronon (while blasting the hypocrisy of the Left)
Over at the leading libertarian magazine, Reason, writer Shikha Dalmia attacks conservatives for using FOIA laws to invade the privacy of historian William Cronon. At the same time, Dalmia defends Open Records laws while noting that groups may abuse their rights by going after individuals. On that score, the Left comes in for a...
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250 Legal Scholars Condemn Obama’s Treatment of Bradley Manning
The Obama administration has detained the alleged Wikileaks whistleblower under torturous conditions—for almost a year, he has been subjected to solitary confinement in a windowless 6×12 cell for 23 hours a day, under constant surveillance, prevented from exercising, lacking a pillow or sheets. For the remaining hour every day, he is allowed to walk...
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How Can Anyone Take This Seriously?
The U.S. is running deficits somewhere between one and one and a half trillion dollars, and in Washington the Republicans and Democrats are still squabbling over petty change. The Republicans are pushing $40 billion in “cuts” as a compromise to prevent a “government shutdown.” It is hard to keep track of the exact partisan...
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The Independent Review—Spring 2011 Issue Now Available
[Cross-posted in the March 22 issue of The Lighthouse, the Independent Institute’s weekly email newsletter. Sign up for your free subscription here.] We are delighted to announce the publication of the Spring 2011 issue of the Independent Institute’s peer-reviewed journal, The Independent Review, edited by Senior Fellow Robert Higgs. This issue’s articles and book...
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Who Killed JFK? The Conservative “Climate of Hate”!
According to Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. and other Kennedy-friendly biographers, the young president was a victim of the political atmosphere, not Marxist Lee Harvey Oswald. Conservative criticism of Kennedy led a disturbed young man (Oswald) to kill Kennedy and The Dream. Man, this is an old left-liberal script: Go straight to Schlesinger’s A Thousand Days:...
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