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Notes on Marx

We wrapped up our discussion of Karl Marx in my “Classical & Marxian Political Economy” class today, and I posted what follows at Division of Labour this morning. What are we to do with Karl Marx the economist and with Karl Marx the social thinker more broadly? I rely here on the Oxford University...
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Free Marketeer Vaclav Klaus to Become President of European Union

Just when it looked like statism was in an unchallenged political trajectory in the U.S. and Europe, the classical liberal President of the Czech Republic, Dr. Václav Klaus, stands to become the next President of the European Union, the world’s biggest trading bloc. Needless to say, those who F. A. Hayek dubbed “the socialists...
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Private Taxis in Cuba?

Is there now a light ahead in Cuba after decades of repressive communist rule? With his brother Fidel now on the sidelines, Cuban President Raúl Castro has recently lifted a nine-year-old ban on private taxis, “potentially legalizing thousands of unauthorized cabbies who cruise its cities in classic American cars.” As AP reports, Fidel Castro,...
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