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Two Minimum Wage Fallacies
Habeas corpus Still Dead, NSA Records Now Assist: Obama Signs NDAA 2014
Private Exchanges: Getting Ready For Individual Health Insurance To Be The Standard
Hooray! The Medicare “Doc Fix” Is Fixed Until March 31
Obamacare Health Insurance Has “Narrow Networks,” but Why Are There Any Networks at All?
The Independent Review—Winter Issue Now Available
Obamacare Will Not Prevent Hospitals from Overcharging
Catching the Hint of Liberty in “Catching Fire” and “The Hunger Games”
Immigrants and Poor Kids Aren’t to Blame for Poor PISA Performance
Carpe Diem: Washington’s Foundations Are Showing Cracks
Rationing Schooling Freedom in Collectivist Oakland
Police Claim Teen Shot Himself In Head—While Handcuffed Behind Back
FBI Successfully Foils Another FBI Plot
Oh No! The Republicans Are Going to Tax Your Health Benefits!
PISA Results Show We’re a World Leader . . . in Spending, Not Performance
Eliminate Long-Term Unemployment Compensation
Are We About to Face a Severe Doctor Shortage?
“Job Lock” from Employer-Based Health Benefits: What Should Government Do?
It’s Official: The Top 40% of Income Earners Pay More Than 100% of Federal Income Taxes
What Paul Krugman Can Learn from Milton Friedman
You Didn’t Build That Business, and You Don’t Run It, Either
Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve
Hospitals’ Bad Debt: Part of the Problem—or Part of the Solution?
Remembering Nelson Mandela
Who Loses the Most Under Obamacare?
Bootleggers and Baptists; Silversmiths and Artemis Cultists
Sky-High Hospital Prices Are a Result of Government Interference
Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, Part 2
War on the Poor
Obamacare Risk Adjustment: Moving the Goalposts

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