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Keeping the Climate Safe from Too Many Brown Babies »

It was one thing for gullible college students in the late 1960s to present themselves for voluntary sterilization as a result of their buying into Paul Ehrlich’s Population Bomb myth. In keeping with the premise of the annual Darwin Awards, it might be just as well that those so prone to falling for groundless...
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With No Hope for Change, Obfuscate! »

With every Keynesian trick having failed to bring the economy out of its post-meltdown Great Recession, and having apparently concluded that there’s no more conjuring they can do to improve it before the election, President Obama’s re-election strategists look to be latching firmly onto social issues. Really? In an era of continuing depression-level unemployment...
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30 Years Later: The Academe as Refuge for Anti-Abortion Protest? »

The blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng’s hopefully being able to take refuge (with his family) as a visiting scholar at NYU would indeed be a happy outcome of his ordeal. His documentation of forced late-term abortions and sterilizations has led to more than four years in prison; followed by his, his wife’s, and children’s...
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Michelle Obama: “We Made History!” Women Are No Longer Responsible for Our Sexuality!! »

As our old friend Milton Friedman famously said, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” Mrs. Obama might be well counseled to take that into consideration as she continues on her self-congratulatory, “We Made History” media stump. There might just be a few unanticipated consequences of the “free” contraception, abortificant, and abortion...
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TSA in the Land of Oz »

TSA agents in Wichita, KS, reached a new low in their terror campaign against the flying public: subjecting a 4-year girl and her family to a brutal confrontation, including threats to shut down the entire airport and cancel all flights due to the little girl’s being—in their words—a “high security threat.” The Daily Mail...
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Why Do Politicians Pander? Because It Works. »

How has the vision of our forebears—of men and women, black, white, and every other complexion, standing tall, shoulder to shoulder, in free and full access to equal opportunities and enjoying the blessings of equal rights in the sanctity of our persons and property—devolved to skirmishes among dependent subjects of the state over the...
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The Worst Pro-Choice Argument »

For many reasons, I strongly oppose state restrictions on abortion. I think women have a right to control their bodies, and the state cannot morally force them to give birth. The implications of allowing the state to mandate a woman to carry a baby to term, even if the baby inside her is regarded...
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Meddling in Sports—A Proper Presidential Role? »

Barack Obama, presumably with nothing better to do, has intoned that the Augusta National golf club should lift its ban on women, thus allowing female golfers to compete in the famous Masters tournament. I personally agree with the president that the ban should be lifted, and I would also oppose the ban on African-Americans...
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ObamaCare at Two »

Today is the second anniversary of President Obama’s signing into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, colloquially known as “ObamaCare.” Despite front-loading benefits in the hope of winning opponents over before the costs start kicking in in 2014, public opinion against the law remains exceptionally high, and is seen increasingly as a...
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Film for Compulsory Sterilization from the 1930s (Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.’s Reference) »

In this disturbing 1934 propaganda film for eugenics, “Tomorrows Children,” the judge ordering a sterilization paraphrases “progressive,” Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.’s infamous line from the majority opinion in Buck v. Bell: “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”