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Reforming the Tort System, Part 3: Freeing the Experts and the Courts »

In earlier installments of this series I discussed some of the problems with the current malpractice system, proposed a contractual, no-fault alternative, presented ten principles to guide tort reform, and explained how my proposal would free the patient and the doctor. In this post I explain how it would free expert witnesses and the...
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Medical Malpractice Reform: Ten Principles of a Rational Tort System »

The medical malpractice system in the United States has a poor track record and imposes heavy social costs—up to $2,500 per household, including defensive medicine. In a recent blog post, I proposed a voluntary, contractual, no-fault alternative to the current system. Here, I name some of the principles that should guide tort reform. Principle...
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Hospitals and Doctors’ Offices Can Be Hazardous to Your Health »

Hospitals are dangerous places to be. Doctors’ offices aren’t very safe either. By one estimate, as many as 187,000 patients die every year for some reason other than the medical condition that caused them to seek care. By another estimate, there are 6.1 million injuries caused by the healthcare system, including hospital-acquired infections that...
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