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Employer-Based Health Insurance: “Job Lock” Is Not the Problem, “Insurance Lock” Is »

Over at The Incidental Economist, Austin Frakt is publishing an interesting series on “job lock”. This is the idea that, because most of us get our health benefits from our employers, we are “locked” into jobs we don’t like because they offer benefits which we do like (or need). We get our health benefits…
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This Large Health Insurer Has Effectively Admitted Obamacare Is Failing »

People can be forgiven for being confused about the effects of Obamacare. For over a year now, there has been a lot of evidence that the upward trend of medical costs has tempered. Some have said that we have finally bent the cost curve. Much of the declining rate of growth of medical spending…
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Obamacare’s Risk Corridor “Bailout” Just Got Bigger – Much Bigger »

Last Friday, the Obama administration quietly released 280 pages of rules that, among other things, increases Obamacare’s risk corridors (a.k.a. insurers’ bailout): We propose to implement an adjustment to the risk corridors formula….. Such an adjustment could increase a QHP issuer’s risk corridors ratio if administrative expenses are unexpectedly high or claims costs are…
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Zeke Speaks Out on McCain and Health Reform »

Normally, I don’t think Zeke Emanuel has much to say that is both true and interesting. But this insider’s view of the making of ObamaCare is fascinating. Apparently there were people inside the White House who wanted to adopt John McCain’s approach to health reform. We ended up with only a timid step in…
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Lankford Introduces Legislation Giving Congressional Authority to Interstate Health Care Compact »

In February, Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) introduced legislation (H.J.Res.110) that would give congressional approval to states entering the Health Care Compact. This is an important step forward for one of the most innovative ideas that has been developed to reduce federal interference in regulating health markets. As Lankford notes in a recent Forbes op-ed,…
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Number of Adults with Consumer-Driven Health Plans Grows to 21 Million »

A new survey from the Employee Benefits Retirement Institute (EBRI) reports that 21 million adults have health plans that qualify them to open a Health Savings Account or a Health Reimbursement Arrangement. We refer to these plans as Consumer-Driven Health Plans (CDHP) because they offer lower premiums in return for higher deductibles than traditional…
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Why Are So Many Economists Confused About Obamacare’s Effects on Jobs? »

What’s wrong with the business economists? Have they forgotten everything they learned in Econ 101? Casey Mulligan explains it for the umpteenth time: As far as I know, before this month the only place that one could read about the Affordable Care Act’s new employment tax was in this paper by David Gamage, in…
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False Advertising for Obamacare »

President Obama and Congressional Democrats have a standard talking point when defending Obamacare these days: no longer can insurance companies cancel your insurance after you get sick. They are lucky they are not subject to the same FTC regulations that apply to commercial businesses. This practice has been illegal under federal law since the…
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What Republicans and Democrats Don’t Understand About the Insurance Company “Bailout” »

Last week I testified before the House Oversight committee on the “risk corridors” in the (ObamaCare) exchanges. Republicans claim that this is a device to bail out the insurance companies. Democrats, in the unusual position of defending the insurance companies, actually claimed that the government was going to make a “profit” because of it….
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Will the Federal Government Turn a Profit on Risk Corridors? That Can Be Stopped. »

I have written twice about the “risk corridors” in Obamacare’s health-insurance exchanges. The first post described how risk corridors will work in the exchanges. Risk corridors exist for three years and are designed to partially immunize insurers from losing money in the exchanges. Recently, the risk corridors have been described as a “bailout,” especially…
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