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“Creepy Uncle Sam” Obamacare Care-nival »

To follow up on the superb “Creepy Uncle Sam” videos satirizing Obamacare (see here and here), the new “Something Creepy This Way Comes: Creepy Uncle Sam Obamacare Care-nival” has now gone viral on the Internet: For the pivotal alternative to Obamacare, please see the Independent Institute’s widely acclaimed book: Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis,…
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How to Pay for the Next Sovaldi? »

Imagine a pill that could cure cancer with one course of therapy or reverse an inherited, deadly disease. If it cost $1 million, could you access it? This was the question asked at a recent panel discussion held by the American Enterprise Institute. The panel discussed a couple of new proposals to finance new…
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The Problem with Open Enrollment »

Austin Frakt and Amitabh Chandra propose a common-sense idea at the New York Times: If [health insurance] plans could compete on the basis of the therapies they cover, consumers could decide what they wish to pay for. This sounds complicated, but it need not be. Health plans could define themselves at least in part…
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Obamacare Motivates Insurers to Shun the Sickest Patients »

A patient with HIV/AIDS can expect to pay over $1,000 out of pocket per month for medicines if he or she buys a policy on the Obamacare health-insurance exchange in Florida. “Affordable”? Surely not. This perceived injustice has caused legal activists to file a lawsuit alleging discrimination against four insurers that offer plans in…
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Obamacare’s “Bailout” of Insurers Is Still a Live, Moving Target »

The Obama administration continues to move the goalposts of the so-called “bailout” of health insurance companies that lose money in the Obamacare exchanges. Formally labelled “risk corridors,” the bailouts are a process by which the administration will take money from insurers that profit more than expected in the exchanges, and transfer that money to…
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Number of Patient Payments to Healthcare Providers Up 72 Percent in 3 Years »

Although Obamacare’s health-insurance policies are shocking people by imposing very high deductibles, high deductibles alone are a feature, not a bug, of high-performing health insurance. In the absence of over-regulation of health insurance, every dollar a beneficiary pays directly to a healthcare provider, instead of to a health insurer as premium, reduces administrative and…
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Obama’s Push to Recruit Young Adults into Obamacare Falls Short »

The White House and its media allies have been cheerleading Obamacare’s apparent success at exceeding the president’s stated target for enrollments in the Obamacare health-insurance exchanges. Even more importantly, they have asserted that a significant proportion enrolled in the exchanges are young people. President Obama declared that 35 percent of enrollees are under the…
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What Are the Financial Risks of Being Uninsured? »

Previously, Chris Conover showed that the medical risk of being uninsured is small: …[T]he evidence that having health insurance will reduce mortality risk by any significant amount is pretty thin…even if we assume that having coverage reduces the chance of early death by 22 percent, this is comparable to a half dozen other risks…
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Can Obamacare Be Fixed? Part II »

The reason we have so many problems in health care is that almost everywhere we look, people face perverse incentives — patients, doctors, employers, employees, etc. When they respond to those incentives, they do things that make costs higher, quality lower, and access to care more difficult than otherwise would have been the case….
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Employer-Based Health Insurance: “Job Lock” Is Not the Problem, “Insurance Lock” Is »

Over at The Incidental Economist, Austin Frakt is publishing an interesting series on “job lock”. This is the idea that, because most of us get our health benefits from our employers, we are “locked” into jobs we don’t like because they offer benefits which we do like (or need). We get our health benefits…
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