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Mike Church Interviews Robert Higgs »

Last week, Robert Higgs appeared on the “Mike Church Show.” If you missed it, you can check it out here.

Is the Current Recovery a Pinata with No Candy Inside? »

Many commentators would have us believe that the economy hit bottom in the second quarter of 2009, and afterward commenced a recovery, albeit a “jobless” one, as employment continued to decline. The main reason for believing in this recovery seems to be that real gross domestic product (GDP) reached a trough in the second...
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Anatomy of the Current Recession »

Not everyone has the stomach for perusing the national income and product accounts, but one who does can learn a great deal about what ails the present economy and about its prospects for returning to a healthier condition. (I draw the data I discuss here from Table B-2, “Real gross domestic product, 1960-2009,” in the...
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Dave Barry’s Review of the Year 2009 »

Syndicated columnist and bestselling author Dave Barry’s provides an incisive and hilarious, month-by-month review of the year 2009, “Dave Barry’s year in review: 2009.” As he begins: It was a year of Hope—at first in the sense of “I feel hopeful!” and later in the sense of “I hope this year ends soon!” It...
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Detroit: A City Destroyed by “Progressive” Statism »

Pajamas TV has just released the excellent video, “A City Destroyed by Liberal Idealism,” which discusses the ruin of the City of Detroit as a result of “liberal” (i.e., “Progressive”) statism. And this disastrous story is repeated in major cities across the U.S. to the extent that government, urban, collectivist policies have been imposed....
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U.S. Government Should Take a Lesson from Dubai: Leave Venture Capital to Capitalists »

The U.S. government is becoming Daddy Warbucks to an increasing number of firms. According to the Wall Street Journal: ... the government has become the nation’s biggest mortgage lender, guaranteed nearly $3 trillion in money-market mutual-fund assets, commandeered and restructured two car companies, taken equity stakes in nearly 600 banks, lent more than $300...
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You Gotta Be Kidding Me »

George W. Bush is launching a free-market think tank. The Washington Times reports: With the Obama administration establishing far-reaching controls in the auto, real estate and financial sectors, Mr. Bush said that “the role of government is not to create wealth, but to create the conditions that allow entrepreneurs and innovators to thrive.” So...
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Housing America »

If you got to the Blog page by passing through the Independent Institute’s home page, I hope you noticed the announcement of the publication of Housing America: Building Out of a Crisis, which I co-edited with Benjamin Powell. Ben and I have been working on this project for years, so it is nice to...
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William Marina R.I.P. »

Bruce Bartlett just informed me of the sad news that my friend, and Independent Institute Research Fellow, Professor William Marina, died this morning of a heart attack. Bill was a fearless friend of the truth and his passing will be a great loss for us all. I was first introduced to Bill about twenty...
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Dad Was Right »

When my younger stepson Drake was in high school during the Clinton era, he took a class in graphic art at the California College of the Arts one summer, and one of his assignments was to create a propaganda poster. Drake took the photo of Elian Gonzalez being taken at gunpoint from his Miami...
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