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The Failure of the “War on Poverty” in One Picture »

Source of chart: Jonathan Hoenig (@JonathanHoenig), Chicago, IL, based on U.S. Census data The poverty rate in the United States fell by half from 1950 to the start of the “War on Poverty.” And it was on track to continue falling. But after the “War on Poverty” programs kicked in, the poverty rate has…
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Retiring Teacher Seniority in California? »

California is legendary for its protection of unionized teachers. But if a new measure makes it onto the November ballot, voters would decide whether California teachers would have to bank on more than seniority to keep their jobs. Matt David of StudentsFirst submitted the measure to the Secretary of State last month, where it’s awaiting…
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New Year’s Revolution »

Millennials, already disproportionately suffering under the enduring Great Recession, likely have a bleak 2014 in store. Millennials suffer unemployment rates 50% higher than their elders. When you add in those working part-time while looking for full-time work, that already-high figure doubles. And half of last year’s college graduates work in jobs that don’t require…
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Eliminate Long-Term Unemployment Compensation »

Unless Congress decides to extend it, long-term unemployment compensation will expire on December 28. Unemployment compensation has typically been available for up to 26 weeks of unemployment, but has been extended during the past recession to up to 99 weeks. When you pay people to be unemployed, then not surprisingly, you get more unemployed…
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“Job Lock” from Employer-Based Health Benefits: What Should Government Do? »

Back in 1993, the economists Jonathan Gruber and Brigitte C. Madrian highlighted the problem of “job lock,” a consequence of employer-based health benefits. Job lock referred to the fact that the U.S. Internal Revenue Code does not tax employees’ health benefits if they are provided through employers’ group plans. However, if employers gave the…
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A Chance to End the Great Recession »

It is elementary economics that subsidizing an activity encourages it to expand, while taxing an activity encourages it to shrink. Unemployment benefits subsidize unemployment and are paid for, sooner or later, by taxes on employment. The natural result is more unemployment and less employment. The current “Great Recession” has only been the second worst…
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Just Say No to Jobs for the Young and Unskilled »

As pictured here, Governor Jerry Brown has signed new minimum wage legislation that ups the minimum productivity to be employed in California to $9 per hour starting next year, and $10 per hour in 2016. Supervisors will also have to increase their productivity if they want to stay employed. The San Francisco Chronicle offers…
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San Francisco Professor Compares BART Transit Workers to Slaves »

The two strikes by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) unions during the recent contract negotiations have prompted a legislative campaign to ban strikes by public transit workers in California. John Logan, a professor and director of labor and employment studies at San Francisco State University, recently wrote an opinion piece opposing a ban for…
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More on How Obamacare Is Affecting Jobs »

Just over the weekend, Paul Krugman was again claiming that Obamacare is not affecting the labor market in a blog post entitled Lies, Damned Lies, and Fox News. Yet Jed Graham notes that: [R]eport after report has rolled in about employers restricting work hours to fewer than 30 per week — the point where…
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When Extremism Is Seen as Moderate… »

France’s National Front, the far-right organization that has become a symbol of the xenophobic, Euroskeptic, nationalist reaction against the prevailing problems in Europe, has sent ripples across the world by topping the latest polls and winning a significant by-election. Marine Le Pen, its leader, is busy giving birth to a continent-wide movement of like-minded…
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