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World Cup Soccer’s Real Top Rivals: Nationalism versus Globalism »

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of the FIFA World Cup, which on June 12 kicked off its 20th tournament, this time in Brazil. Every four years this event captures the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of soccer fans around the globe. And like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, flags and national…
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New Video with Ron Paul: “Defining Liberty: The Future of Freedom” »

How can Americans overcome record government spending and debt, escalating healthcare costs, intrusive federal surveillance, endless wars, ongoing economic malaise, high unemployment, failing schools, and increasing abuses of civil and economic liberties? In this superb, new video from the recent, sold-out event sponsored by The Independent Institute and The Smith Center for Private Enterprise…
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Tolstoy’s Remarkable Manifesto on Christian Anarchy and Pacifism »

I’ve just finished reading Leo Tolstoy’s remarkable book The Kingdom of God Is Within You. This was written in Russian and completed in 1893, but the Russian censors forbade its publication. It circulated in unpublished form in Russia, however, and was soon translated into other languages and published abroad. It had substantial influence on…
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P. J. O’Rourke on the Baby Boom Generation »

In a career spanning four decades and counting, P. J. O’Rourke has written twenty books on subjects as diverse as the antics of Congress (Parliament of Whores), economic development (Eat the Rich), U.S. foreign policy (Peace Kills), and civil turmoil in the world’s hotspots (Holidays in Hell). On February 13, the humorist and Founding Member…
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America’s Spymasters and Cultural Propaganda »

The U.S. intelligence community has come under fire for its mass electronic surveillance programs designed to discover what Americans talk about privately. But would it surprise anyone to learn that the nation’s spymasters have also tried to shape what Americans read? And not only disinformation they feed to credulous journalists—such skullduggery has been known…
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How the Left and the Right Talk about Inequality »

If I were to reduce to a bumper sticker the way the left thinks about the world these days, it would read: Inequality Happens If I were to reduce to a bumper sticker the way the right thinks about the same subject, it would read: Inequality Happens for a Reason This is not a…
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In Defense of Inequality »

During the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama was asked if he would favor of a higher capital gains tax rate, even if the government received less revenue as a result. His answer: Yes. When you stop to think about it, that’s a remarkable answer. By hypothesis, everyone is worse off. The owners of capital…
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The Independent Review—Winter Issue Now Available »

The winter 2014 issue of The Independent Review is hot off the press! This edition of the Independent Institute’s 160-page scholarly journal includes a stimulating mix of timely topics and enduring themes, including a symposium on Nobel laureate economist James M. Buchanan and classical liberalism. Read it and gain a deeper understanding of the…
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Remembering Nelson Mandela »

At our Gala for Liberty honoring him, Archbishop Desmond Tutu offered his memories of working with Nelson Mandela in transitioning South Africa from the violent, divided rule of apartheid, by way of the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission that could grant amnesty to perpetrators (subject to forgiveness by the victims or their families)—a stirring…
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War on the Poor »

One of the biggest differences in how the left and the right view the world concerns the welfare state. Currently, the federal government spends about $1 trillion a year on 126 means tested welfare programs. That amounts to almost $22,000 for every poor person in America, or $88,000 for a family of four. What…
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