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Robert Higgs is Senior Fellow in Political Economy at the Independent Institute, author or editor of over fourteen Independent books, and Editor at Large of Independent’s quarterly journal The Independent Review.
Take Pity on the Economist

So many economists are always giving the discipline a bad name.

China—Americans’ Economic Bugaboo du Jour

The hysteria has no firm foundation.

Immigration-Policy Politics Is Local, Too

Is it really the case?

Nationalism Is a Weird Ideology

Nationalism is, among other things, a gigantic aggregation error.

A Surefire Way to Improve the World

Self-improvement leads to world-improvement.

No One Owns a Culture

The idea that one culture would need to defend itself from another is a fallacy.

Does Your Vote Matter?

Elections are rituals, the deeper system will persist regardless of outcomes.

Government Obstructions on Importation and Immigration Are Parallel Forms of Plunder

Two cases of government obstructions at the border.

American Exceptionalism

When others do it, it’s terrorism; when Americans do it, it’s national defense. When others do it, it’s a war crime; when Americans do it, it’s collateral damage. When others do it, it’s torture; when Americans do it, it’s enhanced interrogation. When others do it, it’s unprovoked attack; when Americans do it, it’s shock...
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For Most Americans, U.S. Defense and Foreign Affairs Take Place in a Parallel Universe

Americans have a unique advantage (or disadvantage, depending on how one looks at it) in experiencing their nation’s defense and foreign affairs, namely, that for the great majority such affairs take place “over there” somewhere, often in a place they can’t locate on a map and about which they know approximately nothing. They don’t...
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