President Obama and “Occupy Wall Street”

I don’t get it. Here is an article saying that President Obama is “riding the populist wave” of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, giving him ” his best chance to reconnect with the American people.” These Occupy Wall Street people claim to represent the 99% against the elite 1% who are getting rich by taking advantage of the other 99%.

Here’s what I don’t get. President Obama’s administration has bailed out big corporations (like GM and Chrysler), subsidized high rollers who have gambled away the tax dollars paid by the 99% (like Solyndra), and even directly supported the 1% on Wall Street by bailing out the banks. The Treasury and Federal Reserve continue to cooperate to pursue policies that produce profits for banks at the expense of the 99%. Meanwhile, the poverty rate stands at 15.1% under President Obama’s watch, up from 13.2% in 2008.

If there is anything to the protests of the “Occupy Wall Street” people (which is a whole separate subject), it appears that they should be protesting against the current administration’s policies. How can the “Occupy Wall Street” people possibly see President Obama as an ally?

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