Why Isn’t Rick Scott More Popular?

Rick Scott, who was elected as Florida’s governor last November, campaigned on a platform of fiscal conservatism. He wanted to cut taxes, cut government spending, and cut regulation to make Florida more business-friendly. He said his platform would create 700,000 jobs in seven years, and his campaign slogan was, “Let’s Get To Work!”

Scott has followed through on his campaign promises. I mentioned here how he cut taxes and government spending, and here about how he reduced land use regulation, making it easier for businesses to site facilities, and easier for development in general. Scott himself explains more here, and after presiding over a legislative session that cut spending, taxes, and regulation, has adopted the slogan, “Promises Made, Promises Kept.” Unlike many political slogans, this one is true.

So, in these times, when Tea Party ideas seem so popular, when Rick Scott got elected on a fiscally conservative platform, and delivered to Floridians what he promised in his campaign, how has he been received? According to polls, he’s one of the nation’s least popular governors.

Why isn’t Rick Scott more popular?

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