The Independent Review—Spring 2011 Issue Now Available

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We are delighted to announce the publication of the Spring 2011 issue of the Independent Institute’s peer-reviewed journal, The Independent Review, edited by Senior Fellow Robert Higgs. This issue’s articles and book reviews deal with the following questions:

  • Why is Ben Bernanke eager for the Federal Reserve to play a larger role in centrally planning the U.S. economy? Read the article.
  • Why is government relief for disaster victims often less effective than aid provided by volunteers, non-profit organizations, and commercial enterprises? Read the article.
  • How should classical liberals morally evaluate a welfare state’s immigration barriers?
  • How has the design of the European Central Bank contributed to Europe’s sovereign debt crisis?
  • Did politics influence which car dealerships were closed when President Obama’s automobile task force restructured the auto industry? Read the article.
  • What made the late William Marina such a memorable teacher and historian?
  • How well can society function without the state and its legal monopoly on coercion? Read the review.
  • How did the discrepancy between knowledge and power cause the financial crisis and threaten democracy? Read the review.
  • Why did some communities that were hit by Hurricane Katrina recover fairly quickly, whereas others continue to struggle? Read the review.
  • Does the U.S. Constitution protect a right to earn a living? Read the review.
  • How did Ayn Rand influence American conservatism and libertarianism? Read the review.

The Independent Review (Spring 2011)

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Carl P. Close is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, Assistant Editor of The Independent Review and editor of Independent’s weekly e-mail newsletter The Lighthouse.
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