Interesting Perspective

Norm Ormstein, AEI scholar and writer of most of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Law (2002), has an interesting observation relating to the success of non-establishment candidates in GOP primaries. “Out go the country-club Republicans like Mitt Romney, in come the grass-roots revolutionaries like Sarah Palin…America just became a lot more ungovernable than it already was.” If true, one can only smile and celebrate. But today, Washington and other government successfully gobbles up 38% of GDP (and spends over 60% of GDP). Today, American life and business are impacted by Ten Thousand Commandments and every American suffers a host of petty permissions just to get through the day. Is Norm lamenting the fact that we still don’t do what we are told 100% of the time? That we don’t give enough money, time or respect to government? This is from a so-called “free-market” think tank. Let’s hope Norm is simply the canary in the command state mine shaft, noticing too late, just as the old Soviet Politiburo once did, that even with their gulags, worthless fiat money, and millions of rules, the state was disrespected, disliked, and doomed. (cross posted at LRC Blog)

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