This Week in The Lighthouse: Obamacare, Renewable Energy, Ground Zero Mosque, Counterinsurgency Strategy

Time for a pop quiz.

What does Alvaro Vargas Llosa think about efforts to block the so-called Ground Zero mosque? What does Ivan Eland think U.S. foreign-policy leaders can learn from the military’s counterinsurgency operations? What does Dominick Armentano think about the prospects of the state lawsuits against Obamacare? What does S. Fred Singer think about the proposed Renewable Electricity Standard?

To learn the answers, check out the contents of this week’s edition of The Lighthouse, the Independent Institute newsletter. Here are links to the individual items in the latest edition:

1. Obamacare and the Constitution
2. Consumers Would Suffer under the Renewable Electricity Standard
3. Vargas Llosa on the “Ground Zero Mosque”
4. What the U.S. Military Can Teach Its Foreign-Policy Leaders

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