Truth in Political Advertising

As election season approaches, we’re starting to see political ads by those running for office, often with vague, meaningless, or misleading slogans. So, it’s nice to see an honest ad for a change. Here’s the full text of a billboard I saw on a main thoroughfare:

State Representative
Fighting to Protect Public Employees
Political advertisement paid for and approved by Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, Democrat for State Representative District 9

Rather than looking out for the interests of taxpayers, businesses, or even consumers of public services such as children who attend government schools, she’s fighting to protect public employees.

It’s not uncommon for critics of government to argue that government acts to further the interests of the political class, and those who work in the public sector, rather than working to further the general public interest. It’s less common for elected officials (Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda is the incumbent in this election) to campaign on that kind of platform. I give her high marks for honesty in saying that if re-elected she will work to further the interests of public employees rather than the people who pay the taxes to support those public employees.

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