The TSA’s Double-Secret Probation List

Turns out the Transportation Security Administration maintains a secret list of people who “make its screeners feel threatened.” The database, reports USA Today, records incidents including “threats, bullying or verbal abuse, remarks about death or violence, brandishing a real or fake weapon, intentionally scaring workers or excessive displays of anger such as punching a wall or kicking equipment, the report says.” I suppose that “verbal abuse” includes things like asking if one is legally required to answer the screener’s questions.

Why have such a list? “The database was created in late 2007 as the TSA launched a program to prevent the nation’s 50,000 airport screeners from being attacked or threatened, agency spokeswoman Kristin Lee said. At the time, TSA officials voiced concern about passengers disrespecting screeners, and they began issuing new uniforms with police-style badges pinned to shirts.” Jawohl, mein Kommandant! Oh, by the way, most of the incidents are actually cases of screeners threatening other screeners. (Via View from the Wing.)

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