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Hillary: Let Them Eat “Authority” »

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed fascinating priorities in the immediate aftermath of the Haitian earthquake in saying that a chief effort of the U.S. effort was to “assert authority” and to “reinstate the government.” On-the-ground private disaster relief organizations such as The Salvation Army understand that Job 1 is to alleviate human suffering….
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The State Government Pension Crisis »

The budget crisis many state governments are facing has received lots of publicity, and also produced lots of federal bailout money. Meanwhile, over the longer run state governments are facing a potentially more serious problem because of unfunded liabilities in their pension systems. This report is one of many that have pointed out the…
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Hear John T. Flynn »

This audio of an entire America First Committee rally from June 1941 is a real treat. The sound quality is crisp and clear: The all-star line-up includes John T. Flynn (about 4:30 minutes into the audio), probably the most important activist in the “Old Right” during the 1940s and the 1950s. Speaking after Flynn…
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Memo To Business: We Want You To Hire, So We’re Putting More Burdens On You »

According to this article, small businesses are reluctant to hire because of the very real prospect of additional tax and regulatory burdens they will have to bear. The possibility that Obamacare will make them responsible for their employees’ health insurance expenses is but one example of the tax and regulatory burdens that may be…
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Brrrrr: Global Warming Science “Settled”? »

With frigid weather discomforting millions and resulting in deaths worldwide, Britain’s Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband maintained in a parliamentary answer last week that the science of global warming was “settled.” Meanwhile, U.S. governments from local to federal continue to push CO2 controls, and global warming advocates stand fast by their predictions of Arctic…
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Pity the Poor Private-Sector Workers »

Has the recession ended? If not, do “green shoots” foretell a recovery’s advent in the near term? The answer, of course, depends on which indicators we check. Unfortunately, the mainstream economics profession and the public alike place too much emphasis on highly aggregative measures, such as estimates of quarterly GDP and the standard rate…
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Easterly, Acton, and Visionary Leadership »

In prepping for my appearance on Radio Free Market this afternoon I’ve done some thinking about society’s search for Great Leaders and Great Men. This made me think about a recent post on Aid Watch by William Easterly that everyone should read and a few passages in Democracy in Deficit, which I’m ashamed to…
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John Coleman, Founder of the Weather Channel, on the Real Science of Global Warming »

Here is renowned meteorologist John Coleman, Founder of the Weather Channel, on the actual science of climate change and why the claims of global warming alarmists are junk science. HT: Julie Sheppard

California’s Economic Decline »

This article, prompted by Northrop Grumman’s moving its headquarters out of California to the Washington, D.C. area, says that California is on its way toward becoming a third-world economy. Once the center of the aerospace industry, Southern California now has no major aerospace firms headquartered there. Once a financial center, California has also lost…
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Is Crime Caused by a Lack of Economic Opportunity? »

This op-ed by Heather MacDonald in the Wall Street Journal makes a good argument that crime is not the result of a lack of economic opportunity by looking at crime rates during the downturn in 2009. The line of reasoning that crime is caused by poverty and lack of economic opportunity implies that during…
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