New Libertarian E-Journal

It’s Libertarian Papers, edited by Stephan Kinsella:

Welcome to a new type of libertarian publication: fast, scholarly, accessible to all. Libertarian Papers is a peer reviewed, exclusively online interdisciplinary journal. We welcome contributions on any suitable topic of libertarian scholarship, including philosophy, economics, legal theory, political science, history, and social/cultural analysis and philosophy.

Libertarian Papers seeks to provide an outlet for scholars working in the libertarian tradition who are interested in (a) much shorter time to publication; (b) no arbitrary space limits; (c) no arbitrary or tedious citation style requirements; (d) easy, online access to their work; and (e) no exclusivity and minimal copyright restrictions, to foster sharing and republication of their work.

The first paper is up, Jan Narveson’s “Present Payments, Past Wrongs: Correcting Loose Talk about Nozick and Rectification.” Check it out.

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